Sanitization Specialists of High Purity Water Systems
Our Goal
The goal is the cleaning and sanitizing of your High Purity Water System.

High purity water supplies are vital and essential to your processes. The key of the continuing, successful production of ultrapure water lies in scheduled care - the implementation of a regular Preventative Maintenance program.

Water Systems Support has been in the business of doing that since 1986. In addition to being able to do the typical sanitizations using chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid (Minncare), Water Systems Support has also developed and utilizes chemicals formulated specifically for High Purity Water Systems.

We may recommend these formulations because they contain no sodium, phosphates, or heavy metals, have no environmental discharge problems and have been granted approval by the FDA as a sanitizer.

Compared to chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide or peracetic acid, these formulations:
  • Kill bacteria as well or better
  • Have far better detergency to remove slime, oils and particales from walls of storage tanks & piping
  • Cause no damage to pumps, impellers, pressure switches, plastic piping and other equipment
  • Require far less flushing water to remove from system
  • Are pH neutral and are non-hazardous to personnel and the environment. Can be legally discharged down an industrial sewer
  • Promote longer lasting sanitizations, so it doesn't have to be done as often

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